Frequently Asked Questions


Thanks to onboard sensors gather several types of data from environment and its specific navigation core processes to create best possible trajectory to complete mission.

No. Inspector Stock drone does all the calculations over the integrated processors including image processing. However a WiFi network give the chance of providing real-time data from the office.

No. The system uses camera based detection algorithm. With a bundle of barcodes or labels we will adopt the image processing core to detect only the target labels. Alphanumeric text, barcode or QR code does not matter at this point.

The system creates a .csv file that contains mission information, date, time, barcode number/text and send it via e-mail or save it.

There are two options. Inspector Stock may be equipped with autonomous charging station if needed. Thus, all the operation becomes  real unmanned. However, during the consecutive usage of the system, manual charging may be preffered to reduce downtime.

Most of the commercial drones has GPS based positioning system and do not work well indoor areas because the lack of the GPS signal quality. This situation does not give any chance to get accurate positioning information. Inspector stock has its own patent pending technology for high accuracy missions like this.

To match the warehouse addressing with the drone positioning system, the layout of the warehouse has been primarily uploaded tho the system via a .dwg/.dxf file. 
No, it is not needed that mapping of warehouse with the drone. It is already done during operation.

No, if the aisles are wide enough for a drone flight. The system uses its onboard sensors and processors for the operation.