Fully Autonomous
Stock Counting Drones
For Warehouses

7/24 operation and the least 2x faster inventory taking

Inspector Stock



2x faster inventory checks with high accuracy



Fully autonomous operation inside whole facility without human intervention



Robust processing algorithm provides precise results for every operation



High-level racks are now controlled by the drone within the safe.

Excessive workload and safety issues in inventory checks​

Considering warehouse management and inventory counting, the I4.0 revolution is just about to develop proper solutions. Most of the warehouses in the globe still use manual techniques for the inventory audit process. Hence, suffer from inefficient, risky, and costly procedures. Inspector Stock has been developed for “safer, faster but accurate” processes in the warehouses. Integrated processor and navigation core enable 2x faster checks without a physical or systematic change in facilities. Cycle counting, complete inventory audit, empty & full slot detection, and missing pallets are some features of Inspector Stock in warehouse management.


Start revolution in the warehouses

Real Time Tracking

For the autonomous inventory operation,
there is no need for human intervention or piloting.
However, the tracking of flights,
counting, or environmental data is
still available remotely.

User Friendly

Drone control software is pre-configured with the warehouse layout. Thus, only selecting the target address or aisle that will be counted is enough for operation.

Auto Report

After the operation, all stock information containing date, location, barcode, full & empty slot info will be exported/mailed in proper format that can be integrated into WMS.

Inspector Stock as a Warehouse Robot


Due to its high processing power, Inspector Stock can control more than one parameter at the same time comparing with common techniques. Recognition of the multiple products/barcodes, empty&full slot information, and pallet type can easily be extracted from only one image.

Work Safety

Working at height carries safety risks for workers and sometimes results in accidents.

Human Factor

Every check with manned techniques is a new journey. Qualification level and environmental conditions are some of the factors that affect counting. Changing conditions may reduce the accuracy dramatically. Inspector Stock brings standardization to the operations. 


End of year counting in the warehouses requires lots of personnel, forklifts, equipment, and maintenance. The drone counting system eliminates the excessive workload thanks to its autonomy. Together with no need for piloting or control, a drone reduces the workload to its half.

Transforming The Warehouses

Inspector Stock has been specially designed for minimum change in warehouses, physically or systematically. Specific barcodes or labels, additional QR codes, beacons, sensors, or cameras are not needed. Providing centimeter-level navigation precision using onboard sensors, high-resolution imaging camera, and illumination can detect the smallest features over the labels. Thus, without any other infrastructural investment, the drone counting system can be implemented and be ready for operation in a day. Steps of integration and  the operation of the system are described below.  


i.  Related with the warehouse layout and target area, autonomous drone charging pads are placed.

ii.  Electrical wirings and other safety features are correctly set up according to its “installing instructions”.

iii. Drones are placed over the pads and their connections to local networks are established.

iv. Control software is set up to one of the computers of the operation team which is connected to the local network.

v. Inspector Stock is now able to operate autonomously


i. The control software has a user authentication page at the first.

ii. Secondly, the demanded mission is selected on the next page which is like scheduled or partial scan, full & empty slot recognition, pallet searching missions, etc.

iii. Target aisles or specific locations is entered/selected for the mission

vi. The last step is starting the flight. After that, operation data (flight time, charging status, position info, etc.) is monitored via software.

v. Inspector Stock has numerous emergency functions. In case of any dangerous or abnormal condition, proper emergency functions can be initiated and the operation is rejected.