Inspector Air has a specially developed indoor navigation software providing precise positioning and control around the target object. Hence, the platform can locate the damage precisely over object surface. During the operation, platform has 360 degrees environmental awareness for active collision avoidance and real-time path planning.

Damage Detection

AI based image processing algorithm analyzes the images of the object’s surface. Main focus is the “Lightning Strike Damages” on aircraft surfaces. Detected images by our algorithm can be seen in the pictures.

Collision Avoidance

Active collision avoidance features path re-planning during operation. Even in case of a moving object, the algorithm successfully controls the UAV to reach the following waypoint and performs precision landing when mission is completed.

Path Planning

The trajectory planning tool creates the optimum flight route to inspect every detail on the surface. CAD model is sufficient to obtain inspection path for objects that is desired to be inspected such as aircrafts, wind turbines or solar farms.