Robot Aided Visual Inspection

Providing to the companies intelligent inspection solutions.

Robot Aided Visual Inspection

Providing to the companies intelligent inspection solutions.

Visual Inspection of Aircrafts

Standart procedure of visual inspection of the aircrafts are not cost-effective, safe and efficient.

Over Time

After a lightning strike, an average jet transport aeroplane needs 15 hours of inspection with 2 technicians.


Quality of inspection excessively depends on the environmental conditions, qualification level of technician and opportunity of reaching platforms near the aircraft.


The height of and Boeing 737 fin is 40 ft. It brings extra safety measures and risks on the technicians.


Another time consuming process, indexing of damages, takes almost 15 man-hours.

What we offer

We are regenerating visual inpection processes over the aircraft surface by combining Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robot Technology.


Reduced ground time saves money during maintenance.


Integrating the technology to the maintenance process will reduce workload.


Size and position of each defect over the aircraft surface is sensed with high precision.


Every inspection process is run under the exactly same conditions irrelevent to environment and qualification of the technicians.

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Intellıgent Autonomy

The robot runs autonomous the complete operation within safe.

Lıve Data Processıng

All the data comes from the sensor is processed real-time and the results are displayed for the operator.

Fast, Smart and Durable

The vehicle is well designed for operating in crowded sites such as hangars. While sensors increase the intelligence, mechanical components provides sufficient control.

Ease of Control

Through a workstation computer, technician is able to control the drone completely but not needed. Whole process can be start and stop with a couple of clicks.

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