Industrial Inspection Solutions

Current inspection solutions are very demanding, risky and expensive because of using traditional and manned techniques in dangerous industrial areas. Nevertheless, our technology can identify and locate cracks, corrossion, wears, dents, frosts or FODs autonomously by taking the place of risky and costly applications.

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Wind Turbine

Industrial mountaineers must reach up to 120m for the inspection of wind turbines against corrossion, cracks, frost etc.

Vessel Surface

Thousands square meters of vessel surface are still in need of human effort to check aging effects.


Extreme weather conditions have deadly effects on steel and concrete therefore constructions such as bridge, barrages should be inspected periodically.

Power Transmission Lines

Energy companies choose either risky solution like manual inspection is done by workers, walking over power lines or expensive solutions by copter support.

Manufactory / Power Plants

Hot and relatively unreachable giant structures like industrial chimneys push the limit of  manned checks of construction.


Territorial or long distance transmission pipelines should be visually checked against leakages and wears.

Solar Farm

Solar panels have more than 20 years lifetime but dust, cracks, dead cells or hot spot can decrease their efficiency during generation causing revenue loss even in sunny days.