Inspector Air

Features of the Drone

Fully autonomous drone provides very stable and safe inspection process with just a few clicks. Running codes inside the core of the vehicle analyze the data coming from sensors together. At the end, an operator prints out the final report.

Deep Learnıng Algorıthms

Perfectly trained deep learning algorithm works on autonomous lightning strike detection.

Obstacle Avoıdance

Sensors help the drone to operate without any collision, especially in crowded areas.


Redundancy principle on flight core is also vital just like in aviation. Up to 2 sensor  faults, the controller is still have the capability of emergency land in safe.

Indoor and Outdoor Navıgatıon

Fully autonomous navigation indoor and outdoor.

Durable and Safe Desıgn

Special design elements give high endurance and reliable flight


Damage detection and localisation algorithm together enables printing out the final reports in seconds.

Robust processıng

Data processing and controlling of vehicle are accomplished by very high capacity processors and controllers.

Defect Localısatıon

After the detection, every defect is precisely positioned on a 3D model of aircraft.


Trajectory is planned automatically depending on the aircraft model. The system can adapt the flight route during missions simultaneously, considering obstacles in the environment.